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Stardock announced today that the beta their new Ready to Play service is about to begin. Ready to Play is a networking service for gamers that allows you to find suitable companions for online play.

Gamers use Ready to Play to create an intelligent profile of themselves that includes their skill level, location, and other relevant information. The service then provides a list of recommended friends based on your attributes. When you're about to play a game, you can send out invitations to your list of friends. Stardock also plans to implement a scheduling system into the program as well.

"If you've ever had a bad experience playing a PC game online, Ready to Play is for you," said Stardock President & CEO Brad Wardell. "As a 38 year old, father of 3 with very little free time, my gaming profile is quite a bit different from say a 15 year old whose primary concern on a given game is maxing out their win/loss ratio. Ready to Play lets me quickly find people online who have similar gaming preferences and get games going."

There isn't a sign-up for the beta, per se, but you can register for the mailing list here. They'll likely shoot you an email when the beta build is available. You'll need Impulse, Stardock's digital distribution program, installed in order to download and install Ready to Play.

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