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Codemasters has finally confirmed that, in addition to the PC, Operation: Flashpoint: Dragon Rising will also hit Xbox 360 and PS3. They also announced that the military shooter will arrive this Summer.

Dragon Rising is set in the near future on the Skira Island, an island in the Pacific discovered to have massive oil reserves. China annexes the territory and NATO launches an attack to retake the island. As with the first Operation Flashpoint from a few years back, Dragon is a realistic, team-based shooter that allows the player to use a wide range of vehicles and weapons to accomplish their objectives. The game world is said to feature over 30,000 square miles of terrain.

Dragon is powered by the EGO Engine, which Codemasters developed and also used in the racing games Colin McRae: DiRT and Race Driver: GRID. Accompanying today's press release was a new OFP:DR trailer that showed off the capabilities of the engine. You can check it out below.

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