Due out for PC later this year, Order of War is a strategy war-simulator by Wargaming.net and Square-Enix. Today, Square opened the asset floodgates and let a hefty set of screenshots of Order of War spill out for RTS fans to view.

The game is aimed completely at ear-marking its success on large-scale battles. Players will command up to 1000 units at one time, spanning the likes of infantry, armored tanks, artillery and the air force. Ah, just think of all that massive firepower waiting to be unleashed on some poor ‘ole army?

Order of War will also feature two separate campaigns that will allow players to take command of either Allied forces or the Germany army.

Now the new screenshots are pretty cool looking. In the vein of revolutionized RTS games such as Company of Heroes, Order of War featured in-your-face graphics with a hard-edged visual presentation of the action. In other words, players will be up close and personal with every gunshot and mortar round that goes off. You can check out the intense new screenshots below. And remember to stay tuned in with Blend Games for further news and updates regarding all things gaming.

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