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Do you long for the days of the rugged frontier when people wrote swear words on tombstones, hunters could only carry 100 pounds of meat, and rivers were filled with overturned wagons? Long no more - a remake of the Apple II GS classic The Oregon Trail will be coming to iPhones and iPod Touch soon.

The iPhone/iPod Touch version of the game is being developed by Gameloft, the same company who released a version for other, less magical phones last year. As with the original game, players will lead a family in a covered wagon from Independence, Missouri to Willamette Valley, Oregon and deal with various trials and tribulations: starvation, harsh weather, and lots and lots of dysentery.

The game will feature eight minigames, centered on tasks such as hunting, fishing, rafting, and - oh, who am I kidding? Everyone's just going to go hunting all day. Expect the game to hit the App Store at the end of the month.

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