Some gamers may have a fairly decent or new computer but still find it difficult running a lot of newer PC games. There may be a solution for the PC hardware upgrade conundrum, and it comes in the form of System Mechanic 9 software.

For those of you who share the woes of PC gamers who just can’t seem to stay on top of the technological mountain and suffer from the wallet breaking trend of upgrading every few months, you might find a better solution in iolo technologies’ System Mechanic 9.

A few readers weren’t entirely keen on the idea of needing a brand new computer to play games like Fallen Earth or Shattered Horizon. And as pointed out in the recent editorial here at Blend Games, it’s not like 2010 is going to be a passable year for upgrading the ‘ole gaming rig, especially with DirectX 11 and Windows 7 controlling the market.

However, System Mechanic 9 can potentially help a lot of gamers maximize the efficiency of their PC without having to tune up the parts under the casing. The program supports more than 10,000 different independent Tune-Up definitions and sports weekly updates to ensure that gamers can get the most out of their PC gaming experience.

Now if you’re running hardware from like five years ago, I doubt the software will work a miracle for playing any of today’s games, but it should work well for recent PC purchases in the past few years.

You can check out some of the features below, and it’s finely tuned for the Windows 7 experience (though most gamers probably already upgraded to run Windows 7, anyway). You can learn more about System Mechanic 9 and see if it’s the right solution to compensate for hardware upgrades by visiting the Official iolo Website.

System Mechanic 9 Features:

* Smarter Boot-Time Tune-ups
Critical boot-time tune-up procedures are now able to be controlled by users so they only run when intended and never get in the way when the PC needs to be started quickly.

* All-in-One PC Cleanup
System Mechanic 9’s all-in-one PC Cleanup PowerTool™ has been greatly enhanced with additional junk file detection techniques, including the ability to identify new patterns exclusive to Windows 7, Vista, and the latest XP service packs.

* Privacy Cleaner
Activity log tracks left by dozens of new programs can be securely removed by the improved Privacy Cleaner, which now employs military-grade Incinerator shredding techniques. Newly supported programs include all major web browsers, online chat programs and web toolbars.

* Memory Mechanic
Memory Mechanic has been completely reengineered for improvements in both speed and effectiveness. Memory defragmentation works up to 85 percent faster with no more memory repagination delays, and up to 25 percent more memory is freed due to increased memory leak detection effectiveness.

* Startup Optimizer
Fueled by newly expanded Tune-up Definitions that include information about thousands of new programs and services researched by iolo Labs, System Mechanic 9’s Startup Optimizer tool speeds up Windows start-times like never before.

* Registry Tuner
Based on extensive research from iolo Labs, System Mechanic 9’s registry cleanup and repair technology has been exponentially improved with up to 5 times higher problem detection rate, as well as improved overall speed and efficiency of scans.

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