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I still don’t entirely understand the term “pwned”, but it seems to be used in many cases where gamers might adequately say “I just owned you!” Well, Sony...it looks like you just got pwned by the Big ‘N’. It just wasn't enough that the Nintendo DS and all its fast selling variations would one-up the PSP at every turn. It also wasn't enough for the Wii to have a smooth, streamlined launch around the world with equal success. But now, it gets worse for Sony, as the Wii is a requested item for trade, from PS3 owners. Yep, after being shot at and waiting in line for days, PS3 owners are willing to part ways with their half-a-grand console for Nintendo’s little Wii.

In a story running on Gigagamez, they’ve spilled the beans on something that would probably bring tears to Kutaragi’s eyes: Sony Playstation 3's are being bartered (sometimes for a loss) for Nintendo’s Wii. Craiglist seems to be the prime culprit at the moment, of which people are making these requested trades. The good news, for Sony, is that at least the numbers are relatively low, and don’t reflect the console desires of the majority of PS3 owners.

However, this distressing news about the PS3 being traded for the Wii is coupled with the dropping prices on Ebay for the Playstation 3. While many people may want to get their hands on Sony’s new system, they certainly haven’t carried through with the ridiculous prices they started with at the system’s launch. For that matter, majority of online Ebay buyers aren’t even paying as much for the PS3 as they did when the PS2 first launched. But take into account that the PS2 launched for several hundred less than the PS3, yet people were willing to part $2,000 for it on Ebay. But now, prices for Sony’s new console on Ebay (with just a month into its launch) have nearly normalized with the suggested retail prices.

Let’s also take into account the crap software line-up Sony allowed to go out with its big black beast. I mean seriously, why on earth would anyone pay $60 for a better looking version of Marvel Ultimate Alliance when they can get the same experience on their Xbox 360, PS2, Xbox...or Wii? Much less, why would they pay that in addition to $600 for a console? Or vice versa. Realistically, if you pay more than $400 for a console, you better get a darn good lineup of games that prove the worth of the price point. Otherwise, you’ve got a lot of high-tech goodies with nothing but garbage to play on it. November 2005 was the same for Microsoft and the Xbox 360, only it’s deja vu all over for Sony and the PS3.

So what does this spell for the Playstation 3 so early into the console war? Well, the console war may be ending sooner than expected...for Sony, anyway. Right from the start it looked like Nintendo was going to whoop butt: cheap price; controller and game bundled in with the console; an overall appeal to hardcore and casual gamers. The weak support from the development community won’t help Sony either. Once publishers see that they can produce cheap, fun games for the Wii, they’ll probably treat the PS3 the way the Xbox is being treated now. Say goodbye to the Wii vs. PS3, the next generation is going to be a Wii vs. Xbox 360 war.