At this point, it's easy to brush off this instance as feckless forum chatter from 4Chan, however all of the above gathers immense weight when proof of faulty thermal pasting was discovered in a day-one unboxing and thermal grease replacement video from YouTube user Rick The Electronic Guy.

While replacing the thermal grease from his brand new PlayStation 4 in a lengthy 33 minute video, he notes...
“All right guys, to be frank, I was very disappointed with the thermal paste. The thermal paste was already a little hard and that's not good. [Because] that just means we're going to have problems right off the bat. So I'm actually very happy that I took mine apart.”

You can watch the video and see where he takes the PS4 apart and makes the note about the thermal paste and you can see it for yourself at the 15:35 mark.

Also consider that Rick's console is day one. He did the video right after he received the unit. So it wasn't like the PS4 was put under any sort of operating duress. The paste was faulty out of the box, thus supporting the above claims about the thermal sabotage with lead.

Rick also notes that...
“i knew sony was going to go cheap on the thermal paste it was already hard on the inside, now there already having gpu issues on day one”

The reason some people believe these issues exist (and persist) is that interns claiming mistreatment under the employment of Foxconn, as reported by VG 24/7, led them to revolt by purposefully damaging PS4 units on the assembly line.

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