You may have read about our recent article about intern students working at the Yantai Foxconn plant in China and how they went to a forum where college interns regularly congregate to denigrate Foxconn and express their disapproval of the inhumane treatment by the corporate giant? Well, they also admitted to purposefully sabotaging the PS4 throughout the assembly process.

The user who originally brought the information forward had his thread shutdown on IGN, as the moderators didn't feel the discussion needed to go on for any longer than its brief run of two pages. The information let loose by the user was exceptionally informative, though, and caught the attention of Reddit and Corrupted Cartridge.

The user later went back to IGN to further explain his stance and the information gathered from the Club TGFC forum, as reported by Attack of the Fanboy, noting that...
"As of whether the content in that thread is genuine, I cannot gaurantee that. But I can tell you where that thread was posted. The largest search engine company in China, Baidu, runs a forum system called Baidu Tieba. Any registered user can set up a tieba for a specific topic and other users can post threads on this topic in the same tieba.

"However, unlike some of you may have guessed, that thread was NOT posted in Foxconn Tieba. It was posted in the Tieba for the college which sent intern students to Foxconn. So, although I cannot gaurantee what the OP said was true, I am assured with 90% that the OP was a genuine student who took intern in Foxconn. Regardless of what I am assured, only Chinese law enforcement, with the help from Baidu, can determine who is really the OP and question him about what he said. But that is far beyond our concern."

According to Sony, these “defective” units account for less than 0.4% of the total units shipped, of which Sony has admitted they have sold more than a total of a million PS4 SKUs.

Gamespot tried finding out a bit more about how widespread the issues are, but they were unable to get concrete numbers from Amazon, in which the retailer seems to be on the brunt end of many of the complaints about defective PS4 units. Some individuals speculate that a lot of Amazon's shipments may have come directly from the Foxconn plant that allegedly produced the sabotaged units, but those rumors are still unsubstantiated at this point.

Given some of the evidence now available and the claims of international sabotage at play, it's an unfortunate thing that Sony seems to be caught in the cross-hairs of what could potentially be a human rights issue.

And just so this article doesn't end on a sour note... for those with a PS4 suffering from red lights, and if you have a modicum of tech-savvy knowledge flowing through your veins, you can follow the steps in the video of the previous page to take apart your PS4 and clean out and replace the thermal paste with something sturdier. If you don't want to risk opening up and voiding the warranty of your PS4, just call Sony's support at 1-800-345-SONY for additional help.

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