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The third in a series of videos highlighting the combatants of Sony’s PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is ready for you to clap your peepers on and, this time, it focuses on the funky fresh beats of none other than that paper-thin rocker, PaRappa the Rapper.

With Battle Royale set to go into a public beta sometime this fall, the team over at Superbot Entertainment is giving fans the chance to do a little homework in the meantime with a set of videos covering some of the moves and strategies of the six initial playable characters.

Speaking of studying up, Combat Designer Ray Ray Shen recently posted on the PlayStation Blog, saying he got to know PaRappa quite well before starting in on his design.

“To pay homage to such an iconic and beloved character, I made sure to do my homework first,” Shen said. “Besides thoroughly replaying PaRappa’s games, I also checked out his soundtrack, anime, merchandise and advertisements to get a full sense of his appeal.”

Shen said that, without magical abilities or weaponry to back PaRappa up, he kept the focus on his energetic nature, kung-fu, skateboard skills and, of course, his love of music. PaRappa is strongest as a combo-heavy up close fighter, and his skateboard allows him to close the gap on his enemies with a quicknes.

To check out PaRappa and the rest of the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale cast, stay tuned for additional profile videos, as well as an announcement for when we can expect that public beta. Otherwise, the game hits store shelves on Oct. 23.

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