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Kimberly Swift, lead designer on Portal, has let it slip that there is a Portal 2 in the works. This isn’t an official announcement, and considering that Valve’s Doug Lombardi has stated they are looking at that world and what could happen next we’re not surprised to learn that something is in the works.

Speaking with G4TV Swift said, ”I believe Doug Lombardi, who is our lead marketing director at Valve, has announced Portal 2.” Well no, he actually hasn’t announced that. At least not publicly. But we’re happy to hear that it’s true, and now we won’t have to dance around whether we can expect a sequel to the popular puzzler.

The question now becomes how is it distributed, and when? Will Left 4 Dead be delayed to be packaged up with Half-Life 2: Episode 3 and Portal 2 deal like the Orange Box? Or will Portal 2 be released via Steam, Valve’s digital distribution service? Considering the announcement of the game wasn’t made official, we’ll probably be waiting quite a while for answers on some of these questions. I certainly hope Left 4 Dead doesn’t receive significant delays.

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