I bet you never thought you would see something like this here at CB Games, eh? You know how tough we are on games based on franchises outside the gaming industry. But today is a day where we’re going to be nice to a new PS2 title that’s based on a concept that is bound to scratch up sour, scathing review scores.

Power Rangers: Super Legends, quite simply, looks terrible. I can’t lie; the game doesn’t look good at all. I’m not sure what kind of art style they were going for, but I’m just not digging it. Even if this game is entirely geared toward a younger audience, I can’t imagine a six-year-old not taking a greater interest in something that at least looks entertaining...perhaps Super Mario Galaxy?

But you know, maybe I’m being a bit rough on this game. Maybe somewhere deep down...inside the jumbled pixels that’s supposed to be video game graphics...there’s a game that at least plays better than it looks. Yes, well, it would have to play better than it looks otherwise there wouldn’t be purpose for even playing this game. Anyway, enjoy the screenshots below.

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