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As promised last week, id Software launched the open beta of browser-based shooter Quake Live tonight. FPS fans can now get to fragging, pwning, and what not by registering at the game's website and downloading a small plug-in.

Based off of Quake III, Quake Live features forty arenas and five different multiplayer modes: Capture the Flag, Clan Arena, Team Deathmatch, Free For All, and Duel. The website will track your career stats through your account. To ensure that you're not embarrassed by your early attempts at the game, you can train against bots.

As it's opening night, the queue for the game is fairly ridiculous right now. According to the website, I'm #28457 in line. About ten minutes earlier, I was #19683 or so but hit my refresh button when I noticed the number wasn't changing. Could either be the website failing to update my line number or that things are really going that slow. Either way, it's not very promising. Should be entertaining once the logjam clears, though.

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