Trion World's fantasy RPG RIFT is about to celebrate its second anniversary next month. The developers have a lot of festivities planned for the occasion, including the return of the Carnival of the Ascended event.

Carnival of the Ascended is a month-long celebration held throughout Telaria. Players can play various games and collect glass beads. These beads can then be used to buy in-game rewards such as hats and mounts. One of the purchasable new rewards is an Anniversary Cape.

Update 2.2 brings a wide range of other content to the game as well. PvP fans will be able to compete in an alternate mode of Codex. The Planar Attunement progression system has also been expanded with a third tier. Tier 2 Planar Attunement, meanwhile, has been added to PvP.

To celebrate the game's two years, Trion Worlds plans to boost progression for all current subscribers. Starting March 21st, guild XP, character XP, Planar Attunement, Prestige, Favor, Planarite, dungeon currency and zone event currency will all be boosted by 20%. These increased gains will expire on April 4th.

A free play period for RIFT will also take place during that two week period. From March 21st to 25th, the game will be open to all interested players. It's a way for newbies to experience the game for the first time or for former subscribers to try out the new features introduced by the Storm Legion expansion.

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