After recently re-launching for a global audience, the real-to-life MMO about school fights, and beat-e'm-up gang activity is proud to share the holiday spirit with all its members, including new content and updates specifically made for the holidays.

According to the press release…
Inside the game, “Monster swallowed Christmas Presents” & “Raid of Umpa” events will be held. A monster (Rogue Rudolph) will pop out from a Question Box dropped from a monster eliminated and players must eliminate this event monster and collect Christmas items and exchange it for Christmas costumes.

A “Boxing Day” event will also be held in which cash shop items are 50% off. Another event will take place that sees gamers taking advantage of the Boxing Day and Christmas Day event, by snapping a few screenshots and posting it in the user section of the forum…whoever has the best shots will win a special prize.

And while members of the Ran Online community are distracted with all the events, Min Communications will be updating the game and implementing a brand new location called “Prison”. Sounds friendly.

A new update to the game settings and system setup will also be added, along with a an in-game Christmas Board item.

Need more information on this MMO beat-e’m-up? Feel free to visit the Official Ran Online Website.

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