Gaming peripheral manufacturer Razer is gearing up to make a big announcement at this year's Consumer Electronics Show. They've released a trailer hinting at a new product codenamed "Project Fiona."

"It's not simple. It's not delightful. It's not magical. It's just badass," says the teaser trailer. The video adds that Project Fiona will provide "PC gaming on an all-new form factor." Some footage from Assassin's Creed Revelations, FireFall and H.A.W.X. 2 is sprinkled throughout the trailer as well.

The term "form factor" generally refers to the size of a computer. For example, the Mac Mini is a "small form factor desktop computer." Could Project Fiona be a really small, portable PC? It's probably not just a laptop, as they already announced the Razer Blade in August.

The trailer mentions a date: January 10th. That's the first day of CES 2012. We'll find out more then.

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