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While a lot of other companies (publishers and developers alike) are laying off, shedding staff, firing folk and putting the hammer to employee counts, another lone company is doing just the opposite…mainly because they don’t have the proper number of employees they need.

Realtime Worlds -- amidst the employment carnage and mayhem caused by worldwide economic disaster -- is adopting the tactics of their own Crackdown crime-fighters by facing the issues head-on and finding solutions to difficult business practicing measures. The team is currently hiring for their larger-than-life game projects (i.e., All Points Bulletin) and anyone who has recently been let go/fired/axed with a dapper sense of game-design-skill is a prime suspect for their team.

John Duthie, Head of HR, commented “Many companies have laid off large numbers of talented staff in recent months and we see GDC as a great chance to tap into that talent pool.” Duthie adds, “With the economy the way it is, many people don't want to think about committing to a permanent move, so what we're offering is a number of contract positions for folk to come to Scotland, help us to a successful launch of APB, and then reassess their options when the economy is hopefully in better shape. We can take care of work permits process, relocation, housing - all anyone's got to do is get along to our recruitment stand at GDC to kick off the process."

Wow, really, it’s that easy? Well, everyone who lost their job at Free Radical should definitely check it out…get some retribution from the whole Haze taint. Anyway, you can learn more about Realtime Worlds, their hiring schemes and their GDC presence by dropping by their Official Website.

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