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If you’re under fire; if you’re getting hammered by an endless barrage of gunfire and a rainstorm of turret blasts, then it’s time to scurry out of harm’s way. The newest trailer for Red Faction: Guerrilla shows players how to employ a little stealth to make a thieving getaway among a firefight of pure mayhem.

Not too long ago we posted up a trailer for the Red Faction: Guerilla Convoy trailer. It gave gamers an insight into the procedures for taking out a convoy of tanks. Following up on that trailer THQ has released a trailer filled with mind-numbing action and frantic in-game play. It’s not very long but it’s definitely very entertaining. The trailer showcases the resistance taking on the Mars establishment and getting whooped like there’s no tomorrow.

The purpose of the trailer is not to show how to overcome all forces, but how to turn the tide enough to make a good getaway. One of the things that you might least expect to execute in this over-the-top battle for the planet Mars, is a little stealth. Yet, the trailer clearly shows the main protagonist taking advantage of the silent treatment and helping the resistance by stealing an enemy transport and using a little vehicular firepower.

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