Deep Silver Games wanted gamers to know the pricing details and the official release date for their upcoming off-road racer, nail’d. The game will be landing on consoles and PC starting November 30th, and will carry the pseudo-budget price of $49.99 for consoles and $39.99 for PC. Heck, that’s cheap enough to ensure that pirates will be convinced to pay for the game.

The new trailer just gives gamers an extra reason to get geeked for the upcoming arcade-style racer that decides to abandons the aim of hot pursuits or vying to fulfill one’s need for speed this holiday season.

Deep Silver Senior Producer Jon Schutts, commented in the press release about the upcoming game, saying…
“…with nail’d, we want to get back to the roots of what makes racing fun: speed, enormous jumps and insane tracks,” “Based on the response we’ve had from gamers and journalists, we know that nail’d has that indefinable magic that keeps people coming back for more.”

Any game that captures the unfiltered thrill of high-impact racing that the original Big Red Racing contained is a racing game that usually has my attention, and nail’d makes it all about the speed and high-end adrenaline.

You can check out the new trailer below or head on over to the Official Website for more details on the upcoming arcade style racer.

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