So you’ve played more versions of this game than you can count and you’re dead ready to pay another fifty hard earned bucks for yet another port of one of Capcom’s leading software franchises. Only this time, you’ll be swinging that Wii-mote around for some kung-fu zombie killing action.

It's confusing keeping up with all these RE titles...Is thi RE4 from a different perspective? Is this RE5? Is this RE6 the re-take? How about RE10, the lost zombie chronicles? Well, I guess it doesn't matter. Because I’m not sure how many more of these games we’ll have to endure. I admit, they’re getting better. The graphics are slightly snazzier, the controls are tighter, and the story is still as campy as ever. Nonetheless, Resident Evil games have managed to synch really deep into a fan-favorite niche that has catapulted the series into the one of the top-standing action game series of all time. Then again, most top standing franchises don’t know when to Splinter Cell. Yeah Tom, you really can let Ubisoft put that wounded horse away somewhere.

Anyway, enjoy the trailer below.

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