Let’s just forget a “Halo killer” title from Sony. The Bungie franchise is just beyond all normal reason. But you should also forget about Killzone as any kind of killer app, because the shooter that is going to melt faces like the Ark of the Covenant will be Insomniac’s Resistance 2. With it’s 60 person multiplayer and retooled AI, the sequel to the PS3 launch title is headed to war with Marcus Fenix. And you know what? Nathan Hale may come out on top.
Resistance 2 is that it tried to kill my laptop. Try and try as the poor thing might it just couldn’t download and manipulate the screenshots Insomniac has put out there. If you’re a dial-up user you should certainly stay far away. I’ve taken the time to scale the images down to a manageable 1280x720 size in the gallery below so that you may enjoy the pics of Chimeras coming to kill you without losing your entire computer. You’re welcome.

And now…the screenshots.

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