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Sega released a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming action-turn-based RPG, Resonance of Fate. The game features a mix of tactical turn-based combat with real-time action intertwined. The concept plays out like everything we all thought Final Fantasy XIII was going to be and everything it should have been.

The combat scenarios in Resonance of Fate could best be described as animated gun-ballet. It’s a little difficult to properly explain how players coordinate attacks but it operates on a line-of-sight sort of mechanic. Players will choose where to direct a character and across the line they will have the opportunity to shoot or attack opponents across that direction. It’s extremely innovative and a welcoming change of pace to the stale JRPG turn-based mechanics of old.

What’s more is that the game features tag-team maneuvers, team-based combos and special attacks. If you think the standard moves are awesome (and yes, standard attacks look amazing on this game) the special moves combine a flurry of impressive cinematic looking gun-play from all team-members, complete with flashy camera angles and dazzling special effects. Yep, everything we thought we would see from Final Fantasy XIII back in 2007 is everything you’re actually going to get in Resonance of Fate. If you need a comparison just check out Final Fantasy XIII Real-Time Gameplay Footage. Boring much? Yep.

Nevertheless, don’t just take my word alone for it…check out the intense battle video below for Resonance of Fate. It’s all in-game play and all in real-time. For more information feel free to visit the Official Website. For more gaming news, updates, info and insight, be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games.

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