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Riftforge Entertainment announced today that they have a special project currently in development called Riftcore, and it's a browser-based MMO that’s aimed at hardcore gamers. If I must say so myself, that’s somewhat of a change of pace for a genre that’s mostly dominated mostly by the casual crowd.

According to the press release, Krasimir Koichev, Riftforge's Producer commented, saying…
"As hardcore gamers ourselves, we have been sidelined for a long time by greedy game companies that are going after the lowest common denominator," ... "The unrivaled depth of the Riftforge's tactical combat system rewards competitive gamers for their skills, not just the time spent button mashing."

The game’s main playing field exists outside of time or space and when a rift opens players are able to venture out into the starting world of Manirak. Once there, it’s up to players to build a house, command troops and evolve their regime by forging an army composed of Guardians, the Rangers, and the Raiders.

I’m not entirely sure how the PvP will work or if there will be PvE cooperative scenarios, but the browser-based MMORTS concept seems to be the growing trend these days, with Altis Gates and Lords Online also featuring similar gameplay mechanics.

You can check out the full list of the game’s features below. For more information on RiftCore be sure to visit the Official Website.

• Three powerful RPG archetypes to choose from: Guardian, Ranger, and Raider.
• Rare, elite, and epic units for each of the six troop types
• Dynamic front lines across 81 areas in nine war zones
• Seven enemy factions fielding dozens of generals leading massive armies
• Deep and engaging tactical combat, within a familiar turn-based system
• A graphics engine that combines isometric pixel artwork with Flash animations
• Playable on almost any device with a browser (including smart phones like the iPhone)
• Social features that enable players to interact and trade, cooperate and compete
• Includes a free-to-play MMO mode to encourage players to try the game

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