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So maybe you seen the CryEngine 3 tech demo and was wondering why certain things looked familiar. Well, I’ll tell you why it looked familiar, it’s because the game used for the technical showcase was Crysis. Better yet, there’s reason to believe that it was actually Crysis 2.

At the Game Developers Conference this year, CryTek showed off some new features for their third-generation CryEngine 3, featuring a Crysis-esque game for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Some of you may remember Cevat Yerli's interview in GameInformer where he distinctly points out that "…there is no possibility [of a console release]" for Crysis. And it’s true, there has been (and won’t be) a console release for the original Crysis.

However, Michael Khaimon, in an interview with GameIndustry.Biz, said, "I donât think there would be any problem to convert anything we work on to the next-gen consoles if we decided to.” So just to get the air clear: the original Crysis wasn’t impossible to port, they just didn’t want to.

Things are a bit different now that the economy is in a slump and multiplatform releases are a definite must for a company to stay afloat. The policy of keeping the high-end shooter franchise off the consoles is no longer an option, as indicated in the CryEngine 3 tech demo [with clear comparisons between the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 version of the game].

As some of you may know, Crysis was designed to be a trilogy. So we know that sequels are on the way and the tech demo for the CryEngine 3 is clear indication that a new Crysis is in the works, which is no different than a few years back with the CryEngine 2 working as a clear indicator that the original Crysis would be arriving a year later.

The real question, though, isn’t a matter of if Crysis 2 is coming to the 360 and PS3, but when. Now given that CryTek recently released Crysis: Warhead for PC, it’s highly unlikely that we would be seeing Crysis 2 this summer or even this fall.

Last time, there was a span of a year between Crysis being showcased in the CryEngine 2 demo and the game landing on retailer shelves. So it’s highly likely that Crysis 2 could be sitting pretty at your local retailer this time next year, assuming the team doesn’t encounter any unforeseen developmental hurdles.

We’ll definitely keep you posted on any news regarding the game, but until then be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games for more news, insight and information regarding all things gaming.

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