With E3 only two weeks away, rumors have begun to swirl about what surprises will be announced. The latest gossip is that the Xbox 360 will get another streaming movie and television service.

Gear Live, citing a source at Microsoft, reports that a Hulu application for the 360 will be announced at E3. They also state that the service will require a subscription fee, much like the Netflix service on Xbox Live. The exact pricing structure wasn't revealed.

A "source close to Microsoft" confirmed to 1UP that the Hulu application for 360 is fully functional. However, it might not be announced at E3 because of licensing issues. The companies that provide shows/movies for Hulu need to sign off on the deal (and get paid, probably).

Even Microsoft hasn't gotten every Hulu content provider onboard, though, shouldn't they announce the service at E3 anyway? An E3 press conference is where you're supposed to twirl your dick a bit and make big boasts. They could unveil the service, say the names of the companies that have signed on already, and then claim that other studios will be "announced soon."

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