The headline may seem odd considering that “Rumor” precedes the actual headline and “Confirms” seems to state the contrary for the use of “Rumor”. However, due to the “No comment” clause, PS Lifestyle couldn’t actually come out and make an announcement before Sony regarding the new PSP that is not the PSP2. Hence, what may be a fact must actually be relegated to the state of a “Rumor”.

Okay, so here’s what we know, according to the break-down of information on PlayStation LifeStyle:

• UMD is dead. This is a blessing that’s not even in disguise. It’s just a blessing.

• Phone included: Not a phone but it's like a phone but not a phone.

Last but not least, this new PSP (i.e., which is not the PSP2) is supposedly due out before the holiday season of 2009. You can check out the entire checklist of what this new mystery PSP will contain and what is myth by visiting PlayStation LifeStyle.

And just so you all know, they were dead-on with their information regarding the new Ratchet & Clank: ACIT. So if they say all things will be revealed at E3 then you can rest assured that Sony will make some big revelations at E3.

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