If you thought you seen the last of SAW with whatever double digit movie outing they're on, then think again. SAW 2: The Game is on its way featuring all the gory exploits any depraved gaming sadist could possibly ask for.

Martin Schneider, European Marketing & PR Director, Konami Digital Entertainment commented in the press release, saying…
“The original SAW video game gave horror fans and gamers a new outlet to advance their favorite genre, but left them wanting more,”... “SAW 2 will give it to them, but be careful for what you wish for! Our successful partnership with Lionsgate allows us to advance the survival horror genre, giving players the most intense look into the SAW universe ever.”

It’s difficult to imagine that Resident Evil, Silent Hill and SAW all fit into the same category of gaming, but oh well.

The game will feature grotesque puzzles, disemboweling action sequences and head splintering action. It’s the perfect game for those arrested developed 14 year old teenage goth kids who have serious social issues and need to express their overt angst against some 3D thespians just waiting to be dismembered in the most vile ways imaginable.

You can check out the new debut trailer for the game below or forget to purchase it when it releases this fall for the Xbox 360 and PS3. For more info be sure to visit the Official Konami Website.

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