SEGA today announced details for Aliens: Colonial Marines, a squad-based shooter based on the Alien movie license. The game will drop players into a Colonial Marine squad vs Alien story written Bradley Thompson and David Weddle. The game uses new technology to deliver the franchises trademark feeling of claustrophobia, and will be used to create the most menacing aliens seen in a game yet.

Colonial Marines will feature classic Alien weapons like the pulse rifle and flamethrower, for ultimate alien barbecue satisfaction. In addition to the story driven single player, an all-new four-player co-op has been confirmed. Each player assumes the role of a marine on the squad. SEGA also hinted that other multiplayer modes will be revealed as the game gets closer to release.

Aliens: Colonial Marines is currently in development for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC for a release in late 2008.

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