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THQ quietly revealed Saints Row 3 and Red Faction 4 were in development in an investors conference in April. They've been mum about the games throughout the summer and fall but in a new interview, THQ's head of core gaming Danny Bilson gave some hints as to what you can expect from each of Volition's big sequels.

In the latest issue of Game Informer, Bilson states that Saints Row 3 is "mind-blowing" and will maintain the over-the-top feel of previous installments. "I've seen some of the mechanics that will be debuting at E3 this year. It's more towards crazy."

Bilson was a bit more playful when the discussion turned to Red Faction 4. "I don't know what we're doing...but if we were doing a sequel, we've solved a lot of issues. Even though [Red Faction: Guerrilla] is an 85-rated game that I love, we've come up with stuff that's way different and way better."

At that investors conference in April, SR3's release was pegged for THQ's 2011 fiscal year and RF4 for 2012. It's a bit too early to get excited about them but now we know THQ's attitude toward both.

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