Soon the sage wisdom of Mace Windu/Jules/the scientist who gets eaten by a shark will be at your fingertips. Heatwave Interactive announced earlier this week that they're developing iSamJackson, a Samuel L. Jackson soundboard for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

iSamJackson allows you to play a number of Jackson's movie quotes as well as some all-new soundbytes. He'll render judgment on you with the app's personality scanner, which probably produces a steady stream of insults. The "Ask Sam" feature gives advice in a randomized, Magic 8-Ball kinda way.

The app will be released through iTunes in the coming months. It's not clear what the price will be. If I know my generation like I think I do, though, they'll gladly shell out a few bucks just to make their iPhone yell, "English, motherfucker! Do you speak it?!"

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