A brand new IP is headed to the Xbox 360 next year and it's another one of those end-times games where the future is all messed up and some totalitarian is screwing everyone over and players have to kick some authority-figure butt. Sounds like my kind of game.

According to the press release…
Scivelation, a cinematic gameplay experience set in a dystopian future that promises both high octane action and a powerful human story. Combining beautiful visuals rendered on the Unreal 3 Engine with an immersive plot informed by the works of Orwell, Milton and Dante,

Somehow, even though the plot will mix in elements from those renown literary authors, the actual gameplay will consist of running, gunning, sneaking and driving around in a Terminator-esque, post-apocalyptic environment. And not the McG Terminator future, either. Based on the screenshots below, it's obvious that it’s the James Cameron’s Terminator future.

Players are tasked with taking down the Regime, the single-minded society trying to control everything, and will have aid by Dr. Elisha Amano and a few other resistance fighters.

The game is due out in late 2010. You can learn more about Scivelation by visiting the Official TopWare Website.

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