5TH Cell is making a sequel to last year's innovative puzzle game Scribblenauts. The game carries the working title of Scribblenauts 2 and is due in fall 2010.

Much like its predecessor, Scribblenauts 2 is driven by the player's imagination. Each level asks you to acquire a "Starite" - a magical star located in some hard-to-reach place. For example, it might be suspended above a pit of fire. In order to safely grab the Starite, you need to summon objects by writing their names out. For example, you write the word "rain" and can then place a rain cloud over the fire pit, dousing the flames and thereby allowing your controllable character (Maxwell) to grab the star.

What's different about the sequel is that you'll be able to modify the objects you summon. By writing down adjectives, you can change the "colour, size, elements, behaviours and many other aspects" of the objects. Good news, as one of the more annoying things about the first game was that characters' behavior was a bit of a crapshoot. If memory serves, a zombie will attack people but a ghost wouldn't.

The very strange premise of Scribblenauts screamed "niche market" but I'm glad to see that 5TH Cell's getting another crack at it. The first game was fun, if a bit flawed.

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