Everyone has been talking about how they don’t know what Section 8 is or whether it will be good or not. It is true that the game may or may not be potentially good or bad. Nevertheless, Timegate and SouthPeak released a new trailer that is definitely a candidate for one of the coolest game trailers for 2009 and it features a new kind of warrior for a new kind of war.

Hands-down, the cinematics for this game look like they pack a serious punch. While a lot of gamers seem to abate their attention away from Section 8 because it looks like “just another shooter” there are actually some really strong points the game carries that could make it a standout, smash-hit for 2009. The option to call in support for vehicle drops and armament, the jetpack and multi-tiered levels, and the open-world battlefields all shape Section 8 into a very good contender in the first-person shooter genre.

And just so you know, there is still no word on the PlayStation 3 version of this game. Although, a few sources told us that the reason the PS3 version hasn’t been officially announced (or displayed in any press releases or trailers) is because TimeGate Studios ran into some financial issues with the game on Sony’s console. Now if that were to ever get out I can easily imagine how it might not look too good for Sony or other third-party developers who are potentially eyeing the PlayStation 3 for developmental purposes.

Now, before anyone jumps to the conclusion that this info is completely erroneous, take note that Microids ran into the exact same issue with Syberia 3 for the PS3, just this year. In fact, they petitioned Sony (and gamers) to try to get the company to lower development costs and resources for porting games over to the PS3. Nevertheless, until SouthPeak makes any new announcements about the condition of Section 8 on the PS3, the above is all just industry hearsay.

Anyway, you can check out the new trailer below or visit the Official Section 8 Website for more information on this game. Be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games for further news, info, updates and media regarding all things gaming.

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