Klei Entertainment released the new gameplay debut trailer for the awesome new game, Shank. The trailer mixes in the game’s unique Flash-based animations and cinematics to showcase a truly original action game that we haven’t seen since Shadow Complex.

Shank features an over-muscled, bad-action hero that has died away since the days of Stallone, Willis, Van Damme and Schwarzenegger. The trailer starts in a kick-butt fashion with a building blowing up from a rocket grenade, and the hero flying out in slow motion with a shank in hand and bad intentions in his eyes.

The rest of the trailer is showcase of the platform gameplay, the stunningly artistic environments, some over-the-top combos that combine shotguns, dual-wielding pistols and a chainsaw (ala Madworld), and bad guys that looked as if they escaped from a 1980’s Dolph Lundgren flick. Classic stuff.

You can check out the new trailer for the game below or visit the Official Website for more information on Shank. Be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games for further gaming news, updates, insight and media.

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