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The game that started it all on the original PSX/PSOne/PlayStation 1/PlayStation Home Enertainment Systsem is now being remade for the PlayStation Portable. That’s probably the most PlayStation has been used in one sentence on this site. Anyway, Atlus is scheduling the game for a fall release.

The first game in the series was considered gold by many. I nearly had a seizure with all those corridors and confusing maps, though. Seriously, if a school had that many confusing hallways no one would ever get to class on time…it would just be a bunch of kids crying in the hallway because they wouldn’t be able to find their way out. Nevertheless, the whole thing is being revamped for the PSP to help gamers experience the original SMT: Persona with greater affability.

The game is being localized for an even more immersive experience, and new content is readily being added to further give gamers more interactivity and gameplay. So even long-time fans of the series will have something new to play with Shin Megami Tensei: Persona on the PSP. The game is due out this fall. Gamers can learn more by visiting the Official Atlus Website. And remember to stay tuned in with Blend Games for further updates and news regarding all things gaming.

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