I love Bruce Campbell. Let’s not split hairs about this. When a friend of mine asked me if I would rather be as desirable as Harrison Ford or Bruce Campbell’s bitch, I didn’t hesitate in declaring my devotion to the patron saint of mid-west actors. So I was quite excited when I checked my Bruce Campbell news feeds, yes I subscribe to Bruce Campbell News Central, and found not one but two video game related updates about Bruce, I was elated.

The first piece I read was about World of Warcraft easter eggs. Just when I thought that Blizzard couldn’t be much cooler after having Mr. T tells us all about his Dark Elf Mohawk, they give us an Army of Darkness reference. In the city of Orgrimmar, if you are in need of a quick fix, why not look for a place called “Boomstick Imports.” I don’t know if it’s a functioning weapons shop, but it sure is cool. I don’t play WoW but if sometime in the future you see a character who is a level one human with a blue cape, blue tunic and brown pants that never seems to move from in front of that shop, stop by and say hi. That will probably be me.

The next piece of BC news is also one that will see me spending money unnecessarily. A custom artist who had made a beautiful No More Heroes Wii has come back with an Evil Dead theme. He has taken a Wii Guitar Hero controller and given it Bruce’s visage from the insane laughing/screaming scene of Evil Dead 2. That’s right folks, somewhere out there someone owns a Wii guitar with Bruce “Jesus Christ” Campbell on it and soon I will buy a Wii simply so I can ask him to make me one.

It’s not very often when these two passions come together. When they do, I’m on top of them. I was one of the five people who bought Evil Dead: Hail to King… and still occasionally play it and I only get the Spider Man games for the narrations. These two stories were just a massive overload for me so now I have to go nurse the head wound I received jumping up and down waving my copy of Tachyon The Fringe to and fro.

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