Online video game retailer, is offering gamers a way to get rid of unwanted games without the hassle of always putting them up for bid. Instead, gamers can directly sell their games to another gamer at a fixed price. Hey, it’s just like Gamestop without the brick and mortar.

The online auction has become a big part of getting rid of video games. hopes to detour gamers from always going the long and patient-reducing route of putting your old games up for bid, and alternatively they offer games a way to get rid of the games directly. I mean, really, through an auction you’re only going to get $0.45 for selling Enter the Matrix anyway.

For registered customers they can easily log-in, pick a seller’s name, agree to the terms and agreements, and then you’re good to start selling your new and used games. There’s a minor catch to this new process, given its infancy. And the catch is that you can only sell your games if it’s already available on Shopto. As it reads in the press release, “For the initial version of SellTo you will be only able to sell products that we currently have on the site and which have been released. Once you have checked and found the game product listed on the site that you want to sell, all that is required is to click on the product to go to the detailed description where you will see a sell with ShopTo button. The whole process will take just a few minutes - entering the details of the game/s you want to sell, entering a price, quantity, and extra information, like whether the item is new or used. New being that the game is still sealed in its packaging. Anything else is to be classed as used. A confirmation page will allow you to review details and a bar code request ensures all details match the appropriate title.”

Once your item is listed, any gamer wishing to purchase that item can send the seller an e-mail and confirmation on both ends (from the seller and the buyer) is made. After that, the seller sends out the game, and once the gamer receives it they post up a confirmation that they received the game and the money is automatically deducted from the buyer’s account and transferred to the seller’s account. Easy right? Well for more information regarding the new buy/sell process, you can visit Shopto.Com.

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