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Following the success of Silent Hill Origins, Konami’s prequel to their popular horror series on the PSP, we are going to get the game on our PS2’s. The game will be the same, following truck driver, Travis Grady, as he wanders around town for some unknown reason. Maybe he likes the ambiance in the air, it gives him a tingling sensation.

The PS2 version will be visually upgraded, but probably not by much. Just enough to make it worth a look if you can’t decide between the two versions. The feel of isolation is going to be maintained by the new features like “Cineractive System”, which has players facing monsters with a changing control scheme depending on the situation. The idea is to make the player feel like their some moronic truck driver just wandering through town, rather than an elite super agent with uber monster ass-kicking training.

Silent Hill Origins is set to release on the Playstation 2 in May 2008.

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