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Being a dabbler in the boarding arts myself, I have to say I could not be more pleased that a contender has arisen to challenge the Tony Hawk series near decade long domination of the skate boarding genre.

In short, I hate the Tony Hawk games. I liked them just fine back in the 90’s, but they’ve just gotten so ridiculously out of hand. Plus, as anybody who has ever stepped onto a skateboard before knows all too well, the Tony Hawk games have absolutely nothing in common with skateboarding.

On the other hand you have Skate; a more personal, visceral look at boarding. In stark contrast to THPS, Skate. aims to make pulling off even single tricks a cause for celebration. No more 500,000 point combos here.

This video shows off some of the ways to pull off your base level trick repertoire. I’m excited to see how the feel of these controls works out. Some of the tricks shown in the video look to mimic the way they are pulled off in the real world. For instance, a real kick flip involves the back foot slamming to the ground and the front foot sliding up the board on an angle. In skate. the controls translate as pushing down quickly on the right thumb stick, and then sliding it up and to the right. Not too far off. This transition to more realistic controls sets one back to the old school boxing games that eventually made the jump ot the moreintuitive, and infinitely more fun, Fight Night control scheme.