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Trying its damnedest to expand to different genres besides rock music, Rock Band is now expanding to rap. The game will soon receive the musical stylings of Snoop Dogg.

Snoop left his record label, Interscope/Geffen, today and signed a multimedia deal with MTV, according to Rolling Stone. In addition to bringing his songs to Rock Band (which MTV Games publishes), MTV will also publish and distribute his upcoming Malice In Wonderland album and air his new variety show, Snoop After Dark.

"As the world of entertainment keeps changing, we felt it was the right time to let Snoop Dogg back on MTV so we could continue to run thangs with music, movies, DVDs and bring hip-hop to Rock Band," said Snoop Dogg.

No release date or specifics songs were mentioned for the Rock Band DLC. Presumably we'll see an old classic or two along with new songs from the new album. Seems like a pretty good cross-promotion opportunity.

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