It may not be the mega ton game of the entire expo, but I was happy to finally get a peak at Sucker Punch’s infamous. Of course the first screens coming out of E3 make the game look like Killsistence 3 with super powers instead of alien hordes. That’s OK though, because traversing a city as you develop super powers is a lot of fun. Case in point: Crackdown.

inFamous follows the story of everyman Cole, who is delivering a package to downtown Empire City. An explosion rocks the city and Cole escapes with his life intact. Being a survivor of the event the media puts him at the crime scene and now he’s hunted. Meanwhile the city is falling into chaos as criminals take to the streets. Cole has to learn to use his super powers in order to save the city, but how he does it is up to the player. You don’t have to be Superman. You can be a jerkface if you want.

The powers Cole acquires are all electricity based, so the game looks like a lot of Force lightning is being tossed about. And while he may not be able to leap 100 ft into the air, Cole does have insane urban ninja climbing abilities. The developers of Sly Cooper appear to have a winner on their hands with infamous.

inFamous E3 Trailer

E3 Sony Conference Trailer

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