There was a fairly loud clamoring to call the PS3 dead after Final Fantasy XIII was announced for the 360 on Monday. But before that happens maybe we should remember that Sony does have other games up its sleeve. Games like Resistance 2, the sequel to Insomniac’s PS3 launch title. Sony’s not done yet, not even close.

Resistance 2 puts players in control of Nathan Hale once again. The game picks up where Fall of Man left off. The Chimera have not been daunted by their defeat in London, and now turn their attention to the United States. Cities are destroyed and it looks like things are worse than ever for the human race. Hale joins with the Sentinels, a group of super soldiers, to push back the Chimera and free Earth from the onslaught.

Insomniac is not just including an incredible single player game, there’s much multiplayer to be had. Most notable is an 8 player, class based online coop campaign with a separate story from the main single player. Let’s not forget the 60-player online competitive game either.

Resistance 2 E3 Trailer

Resistance 2 Gameplay Footage

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