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It's been a long time coming for Sony; gaining the 300k mark for the PS3, that is. The latter part of this year wasn't looking too good for the big black box, but some holiday consumer spending put some ample steam under the PS3's numbers for November.

Associated Press reported some hefty numbers from the NPD, all the way across the board: for the Wii, the Xbox 360 and the PS3. Nintendo, as usual, ranked number one with console sales for the Wii. Nintendo's motion-movement killer sold an estimated 2 million units. The Xbox 360 wasn't too far behind, though it looks sad for Microsoft because the Xbox 360 [Arcade] sells for less than the Wii and it only managed a respectable, yet disappointing 836,000 SKUs sold. It was the PlayStation 3 that showed signs of life, despite selling a little less than half of the 360's numbers. Sony's console did an impressive 378,000 units for the month of November, and considering that this is the PS3 we're talking about (and no price drop in sight) that's not half bad. Heck, the PS3 actually passed up the PS2 with flying colors -- the last gen system is finally showing its age (and uselessness) with consumers purchasing only 206,000 units last month.

Sony also managed some impressive numbers with the PSP, putting out 421,000 units for the month of November. Although, said numbers were nowhere near what the Nintendo DS did, trumping all other consoles on the market with an astounding 1.5 million units being sold.

On the software front, Gears of War 2 led the pack with 1.56 million units sold during the month, followed by a bunch of Nintendo shovelware. Further down the list Resistance 2 managed to make it on the top ten with an impressive 385,000 units sold last month. LittleBigPlanet was still nowhere in sight of the top ten software sales for November. So it's still a LittleBig-Flop in my eyes. However, if you're a LBP fan, you might want to check out the editorial by Blend Games' Editor, Pete Haas, about why LittleBigPlanet is important to Xbox 360 gamers.

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