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You may know that Sony Online Entertainment's two upcoming MMO's, the shooter The Agency and RPG DC Universe Online, are coming to both the PC and the PS3. Guess SOE feels pretty good about how the development is going and it looks like more of their MMOs will appear on consoles in the future.

SOE president John Smedley told MTV Multiplayer that from now on, all of SOE's MMOs will have console versions. "I think what’s going to happen is you’re going to see a whole new generation of players that have been playing “Resistance” now start getting introduced to MMOs. I think it’s going to be a cool way for them to experience games that have been on the PC for a while, but have a totally different kind of gameplay on the console."

In case you're wondering, he didn't slam the PC or complain about multiplatform development at all during the interview. In other words, it seems likely that their MMOs will continue to appear on the PC as well.

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