Ah, you picked the right one... good choice, good choice.

Now let's take a look down that rabbit hole, shall we?

Sony has revealed their brand new prototype for their virtual reality headset, codenamed Project Morpheus, just like in the movie The Matrix or the mythology of the god of dreams.

Sites like IGN and The Sixth Axis picked up the prototype images (like the one you see above) that happened to be revealed during a keynote speech given by Sony's worldwide studio boss, Shuhei “The Boss” Yoshida, at this year's Game Developer's Conference.

The Verge picked up quotes from “The Boss” as he stated that...
“VR has been a dream of many gamers since the computer was invented. Many of us at PlayStation have dreamed of VR and what it could mean to the gaming community.”

Some of you may be a bit taken aback by this news; aghast at the fact that hyperbole such as “the future” and “VR” are being tossed around like casual terms of some innovative force sweeping through the gaming industry like nothing else before it. In a way, that is true.

While the Oculus Rift was announced far before Sony's VR headset and already has a solid grounding on more than just gaming (especially for the porn industry), we have to keep in mind that the Oculus Rift is mostly dedicated to PC platform.

Sony wants to bring the future to you console gamers, and Project Morpheus is definitely uncharted territory for home console entertainment (not counting that seizure machine known as the Virtual Boy).

The thing is, though, the Morpheus is in the current phase where Kinect was when it was known as Project Natal. Sony is still rallying support and building software to enhance and improve the functionality of the device, with Sixth Axis writing...
“The reason they’ve unveiled it at GDC is that they’re still looking for developer feedback and for people to get on board. “

Sony is also teaming with NASA so PS4 users will be able to get first-hand simulated experiences of walking on Mars. Pretty nifty, eh? The program is still under development along with Project Morpheus but Sony hopes to get the ball rolling with some of their exclusive studios, soon.

The device will also coincide directly with other PS peripherals, such as the PlayStation Move and the PS Eye camera. The Sixth Axis article notes that Sony wants to create a measure of synergy between all their existing peripherals for a true, immersive, interactive virtual reality experience, bridged mostly by their new VR headset.

Supposedly, the headset will feature 90 degrees of field of vision and offer native 1080p viewscapes. Whether or not that stays true when the device launches remains to be seen. I'm definitely curious to know how much this thing will cost and whether or not Sony will stick with supporting it more than some of their other less-than-successful ventures with motion peripherals, something only Nintendo seems to have perfected to the point of mainstream success.

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