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This story is actually pretty refreshing. You see it’s usually the media that gets blamed for spinning news to fit the publication's ideology. It’s nice to see a story that has been put in a blender (no pun intended) before it even got to us.

Jack Tretton, the recently outspoken chief executive of Sony Computer Entertainment America, has made some rather curious remarks regarding the PS3 of late, but these are definitely the most bizarre.

"It's a testament to the fact that we've been able to manufacture and ship units on a greater pace than any previous console," Tretton said. "Our goal is to fill shelves across the United States. Our goal is not to have empty shelves, it's to have full shelves. If we have empty shelves, that's one less consumer who could have bought a PlayStation 3."

I’ve been as outspoken as anybody about my distaste for Sony’s lies and misgivings, but this is ridiculous. It almost doesn’t fall into the category of a lie because anybody with a brain stem knows this isn’t even close to true.

It’s almost funny, because Tretton recently said in an interview that if Sony were to be the underdog in this console race people would root for them to win. Comments like these take away any possibility of being embraced by gaming culture’s warm bosom. Jack, take my advice--next time this topic comes up--say the following: "We know that consumers have some issues with PS3 right now, and that’s a good thing for us. Their complaints are not falling on deaf ears, and your criticisms are what will drive PS3 to be the strongest, most customer driven product of this or any console generation."

With a statement like that you avoid lying first and foremost, but it would also go a long way in convincing gamers to buy your product now, rather than wait. When you spout a bunch of babble about how great your product is and how it is the best console on the shelf, all that does is show the consumer who dislikes your product that you are content and not looking to change things.

Not bad, huh? Looks like I can look forward to a lucrative career in PR when my journalism days are over.

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