The Sega Dreamcast fighting game Soul Calibur is back. It's available for download from Xbox Live Arcade for 800 Microsoft points ($10), so you don't have to scour garage sales for a Dreamcast console anymore.

The Live Arcade port has all of the features of the original Soul Calibur - except for the crappy DC controller, of course. Just tape a cardboard box to the back of your 360 controller if you want to recreate that part of the experience. All of the unlockable content (extra outfits, levels, etc.) is automatically available once you download it. It's also got shiny HD graphics and Live leaderboards for every character and mode.

Unfortunately, the XBLA version doesn't support online play. If you want to demean another human being with your button-mashing skillz, you'll have to invite them to your home just like in the old days.

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