Will Sandman finally beat Spider-Man in a trailer? Does Venom ever stand still long enough for us to make out how he looks? Should Spider-Man switch from spandex to leather? These are the burning questions that never get answered in the final promotional trailer for Spider-Man 3: The Game. Still, it doesn’t stop the trailer from being an entertaining piece of media.

Promoting games is pretty much what video game journalism is all about; it’s either a trailer, some rumor, a little bit of news, a few screenshots or a rant. Nevertheless, gamers eat it up and we’re proud to feed it to them. That’s exactly how it’s been with Activision’s Spider-Man 3: The Game; non-stop trailers, nearly daily updates and constant coverage has lead to Spider-Man 3 being a huge media property in both the interactive virtual world and the motion picture industry.

The game itself features a huge virtual playground of superhero crime-fighting action. Taking on the role of the web-slinging Marvel icon, Spider-Man, gamers will have all sorts of tasks to complete and criminals to put away. That’s not to mention that the black-suited Spidey is also at the player’s disposal. You can look for Spider-Man 3 on all major gaming platforms, with the exception of the Gamecube and Xbox. You can check out the launch trailer below. Enjoy.

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