Joined by Electronic Theatre’s ManPac And Kev J, we’re up to the final round of Splinter Cell: Conviction Vs Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. In case you missed them, you can check out the first two rounds here: For Replay Factors and Multiplayer Versatility. In this final round we’re going to take a look at both games and what they have to offer in terms of gameplay and cinematic immersion. And you the reader can vote on which game seems to offer the more immersive experience you’re looking forward to the most.

So what is the Immersion Factor in this final round between these two third-person shooting games? Well, it’s all about how each game takes the player deep into its respective lore and world, and how well the characters will coincide with making it all seem authentic, plausible and that much more fun when playing. So let’s get this started.

Splinter Cell: Conviction

BG – William: Like previous games in the series, players will venture around the world trying to gain retribution for the conspiracy involving Sam Fisher’s exile from the NSA during his deep undercover assignment in Splinter Cell: Double Agent. The “immersive” elements come in the form of the various cities that Sam will venture to and the civilian occupation of each destination. Players will have to use cunning and wit to trap enemies, interrogate bad guys and ultimately vindicate Sam and exact revenge for the death of his daughter, Sarah. One of the highlights of the game’s storytelling aspects come in the form of in-game cinematic sequences that take place during the actual gameplay. While running, shooting, talking or interrogating NPCs, players will sometimes see flashbacks or important information happen concurrently either in the background or across a wall, etc. The cinematics are extremely stylized and the first of its kind to be featured in a stealth-action game.

ET - Kev. JSplinter Cell: Conviction is set to break new ground when it comes to gameplay immersion. Seemingly fed-up with complicated HUD impressions and overly patronising mission objectives, the development team have decided to create a system in which everything you need is in the environment. By now, we’ll probably all be familiar with the on-set project of new objectives, but thinking beyond the aesthetics and about the way in which this is incorporated into gameplay offers a refreshing glance at dynamic structuring of videogames.
You needn’t check a menu to see which direction you should be heading in, nor which bad guy you should be attempting to extract information from. Sam Fisher knows these details before he enters that mansion/warehouse/docking yard, and so do you. Sam Fisher knows how his enemy thinks, and with the last known position mechanic, so do you. Sam Fisher knows he’s involved in what is possibly one of the most immersive videogame experiences on the Current-Generation yet, and so should you.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

BG – William: Drake makes his return in his second outing for the PlayStation 3, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. The sequel takes place a few years after the original game and features a few new cast members in addition to many returning faces from the first game and sees players venturing across the globe, this time in search of information from Marco Polo’s missing fleet in order to uncover a near-priceless, wish-granting gem. The immersion factors for Uncharted 2 fall in line with the game’s seamless transition of cinematic sequence to actual in-game play (yes, the graphics are that good). While it may not have the snazzy flashback/in-game cinematics featured in Splinter Cell: Conviction the game still features quality voice-acting throughout and dialogue exchanges that blend between cinematics and actual in-game play with movie-like panache. All the special effects and environmental detail is also top-notch, and even in the parts that don’t sport interactivity the quality of the design is still showcased with amazing cinematography.

ET – ManPac: Immersion in videogames is based upon the ideal that you, as an active participant, care about what happens in the game. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves intends on taking this theory and running with it, as the single-player campaign ties Nathan Drake’s fortunes to that of what will almost undoubtedly become his love interest, the passionate Chloe Frazer. A storyline filled with twists and turns sees you hunting from Marco Polo’s lost treasure, along with a psychopathic war criminal named Zorin Lazarevic. Players will become embroiled in a chase across cities and snow-capped landscapes to find the secret of Marco Polo’s last voyage before Lazarevic, and it’s this storyline that will tie the player to the game. Dynamic set-pieces and dramatic, scripted events are great for the back of the box, but the real gem hidden within Uncharted 2: Among Theives is that of the charimatic Nathan Drake himself.

Voting Time!
Sometimes words can’t describe everything. So to further drive the point home you can take a look at in-game videos of both games. After drooling over the quality design in both games feel free to log your vote in below.

Splinter Cell Convcition Vs Uncharted 2 Final Round
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