You’ve mastered Railroad Tycoon. You’ve made the single most profitable amusement park in the history of ever in Rollercoaster Tycoon. You’ve even claimed your spot at the top of the leaderboards for Tycoon Tycoon. Now it’s time to take your time management and strategy knowledge to the next level. Introducing Zealcity Studios’ latest offering to the iPad gods: Sports Store Tycoon.

Currently only available for the iPad, support for other iOS devices is currently underway for Sports Store Tycoon. For now, though, you can snag the game for your Apple tablet free of charge by heading over to iTunes.

In Sports City, sports are basically a religion. The evil Sports Zone corporation, though, has a strangle hold on the sporting good market, gouging prices in the midst of a struggling economy. The mayor has asked you to take on the matter personally, tasking you with opening your very own sports tore to go toe-to-toe with the retail giant.

For a rundown of what else Sports Store Tycoon has to offer, here’s a quick look at the game features:

-More than 20 different hard-to-please customers
-More than 50 products to be unlocked
-Variety of promotional plans to gain popularity
-Buy honestly or smuggle your way to the top
-Game Center support
-Over 30 achievements
-Free updates
-Daily newspaper updates
-Dodge inspectors, take out loans and more

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