Final Fantasy creator Square Enix recently announced they're opening a new studio in Los Angeles. While we all hoped they'd promptly start churning out Unreal Engine 3-driven space marine shooters, they have a different focus: digital games

"All formats – Xbox Live, WiiWare, PlayStation Network – are all viable formats for us," said Square Enix US President John Yamamoto to "We started the in-house development team a couple of months ago and we're starting with downloadable content because the team is still small."

How small is their develop team right now? Three people. They're hoping to increase that to 30 within twelve months. It's a fledgling operation at the moment but, along with Square's publishing of Supreme Commander 2, it shows that the Japan-based company is serious about expansion into Western markets. "Japanese videogame software sales represent less than 15 per cent of the global market. It’s my job to communicate to our headquarters in Japan that the western market is growing rapidly and that it is extremely important for Square Enix to be a major global player, said Yamamoto.

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